We all find that technology these days is imperative to our day to day lives and we are constantly on our phones, laptops, tablets or PC’s. But how do we know when is a good time to replace these devices?Upgrade laptop - Recytech.co.nz

It’s actually really hard to know when to update your IT assets and when it’s time to replace. We all learn to live with the funny quirks of our PC’s and know when to wiggle that USB stick in just the right way for it to work. The fact is, computers do wear out. Hard drives have moving parts that eventually wear and circuit boards, transistors and integrated circuits all suffer from a phenomenon called “thermal shock” over time. In addition software become more complex and demanding, your company may now be handling larger volumes of data, or you may be using more applications than you once were. All these things manifest themselves as slow or poor response, intermittent crashes or even total failure to power on. Before things get too bad, here are some signs that maybe your computer is on its way out.



In the past, we used to update our operating systems every couple of years and even then change was never easy but in today’s world we get updates all the time. These updates are free and important, as they fix previous bugs in the system and give the user more functionality. But with every update comes an increase in the minimum hardware specifications required to run it and sometimes support for a particular piece of legacy hardware may be dropped. Most commonly things like sound, display or network adapters suddenly don’t work properly anymore. Sooner or later your PC will no longer be up to the task of running the latest version effectively.



It can be frustrating when you turn on your computer and 5 minutes later you are still staring at a blank screen while it boots up, or it grinds to a halt opening a big spreadsheet. It’s at times like these that you should maybe hear some alarm bells ringing. Sometimes computers can become slow because of all the files and software you have on them and a thorough spring clean may alleviate this problem to an extent. But beware, this fix may only be temporary.

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Some of us are hoarders and some aren’t but as PC and Mac users I think we all get a little guilty of storing files for the sake of it. Check the capacity of the hard disk or solid state storage in your device and look for usage in excess of 80% of its capacity. When a computer’s permanent storage starts to get full the operating system struggles to find space to create temporary files and memory cache. This in turn will make your computer seem less responsive than it used to be.



As with most electronics they tend to get noisier as they get older, but with PC’s it’s important to take notice of these noises and not just ignore them. If you hear the hard drive creak into action, an unusually noisy or continuous fan, buzzing, or any strange high pitched tones coming from your computer it could be trying to tell you something. There is even a company that has produced a collection of sounds that could indicate a potential hard drive failure! So don’t bury your head in the sand, back up your data and start looking at alternative computers.



We all like to think that maybe if I just get it fixed then all my computer problems will be solved, but often once one thing goes wrong you often find yourself firefighting every month! Computer repairs can be expensive so before you spend heaps on fixing problems take a look at the bigger picture and ask yourself if it’s worth fixing or is it about time that you just bite the bullet and purchase a new computer.


As with most things there are no hard and fast rules about when you should change out your computer but if there are a few alarm bells ringing after you have read this article then maybe it’s time to consider upgrading your businesses IT assets.


If this is the case then remember that Recytech provide a service that allows companies to dispose of unwanted IT assets the greener way, so if you are about to upgrade then come and talk to us about the best option for you.