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How is your company’s data managed?

According to IBM, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day. This varies from documents to photos to payroll and social media posts. They all provide a treasure trove of information for businesses and reveal private details about their customers or their company. A recent study completed by Blancco researched how data is managed across its entire lifecycle. It [...]

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Does DELETE really mean delete??

At Recytech we receive hundreds of old IT assets every week and one of our jobs is to ensure that each computer is ‘clean’ and has no corporate or personal data remaining. We know many companies that offer erasure software but at Recytech we only use Blancco Technology as we consider it one of the best on the market. Blancco [...]

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Recycling IT equipment?

Only 25 years ago we still put pen to paper and wrote a letter and mailed it. Then came the fax where we could send a copy of the information over a telephone line. Now we all use email and text messaging to communicate. Technology is forever changing and because of this we as individuals and companies are having to [...]

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Data Erasure

  Last year, Blancco conducted a data recovery study and  found that 48 percent of second-hand hard drives contained data leftover from the previous user. YIKES! What’s worse, 75 percent of those drives already had a deletion attempt made on them. These facts are scary especially if you have just upgraded your computers and are looking to get rid of your old [...]

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