Last year, Blancco conducted a data recovery study and  found that 48 percent of second-hand hard drives contained data leftover from the previous user. YIKES!

What’s worse, 75 percent of those drives already had a deletion attempt made on them.

These facts are scary especially if you have just upgraded your computers and are looking to get rid of your old ones. That is why it is so important to get your old IT assets wiped professionally and by an expert. At Recytech we do just this. We have been using  Blancco data erasure systems for years because they are simply the best. They understand the risks and how data is stored, so have developed programs that ensure complete erasure.

The real issue here is that the majority of people don’t realise what happens when you delete a file. Most people believe that once you have deleted the file or dragged it to the ‘Trash Bin,’ or even reformatted a drive, that the information has been deleted. Wrong – the information is still there. What actually happens is that all the pointers are removed from the data but the the actual data is still present. It’s this issue that can cause so many problems with massive amounts of information, emails and sensitive information being exposed and falling into the wrong hands when you recycle/dispose of old IT assets.

So how can businesses make it impossible for ‘deleted’ files to be recovered? The answer is simple: make sure you use a company that is an expert, that does this for a living and does not simply play at it. Ask them what data erasure system they use and what guarantees does it come with and make sure that you get a certificate that states how and when the files were deleted.