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What we do

Technically speaking, we’re an IT asset re-seller.

What that actually means is that we find a new home for your old IT equipment.

The problem is that it’s not as easy as simply moving gear from one place to another. There’s a multistage process for effective computer recycling, outlined below, that ensures we have happy buyers and sellers.


Handled with care

We pack on site and take away your assets for assessment



We check and test your assets before reporting on what we find



We perform certified data erasure for peace of mind



We pack, track and store your assets until sale or disposal

How we do it

Every company has a cupboard full of old IT equipment gathering dust, and most people wonder how they can clear it out safely, recycle it or make some money from it. Our decommissioning process means you need worry no longer. We’ll clear that cupboard, wipe your data and find a new home for it.
The only thing you’ll be left wondering is why you didn’t act sooner!

We’ll arrange pick up from site, with packing on site if required.

We either do this ourselves or use trusted partners to ensure your assets are handled efficiently and securely.

We check and record each piece of equipment for wear and tear, scratches, cracks etc.

We turn on the machine and check all the components are working, recording our findings.

We determine and record all the specs of the machine, including CPU, RAM and storage capacity etc.

For managed assets, we provide reports on condition, faults, specs and grading.

For devices with permanent storage (HDD, internal RAM or SSD) we perform Industry standard, governmental compliant and certified data erasure.

We are able to supply proof of erasure certificates if required.

We pack and store all assets in our own secure warehouse until they are sold or disposed of.

We track every individual machine serial number in our care to ensure a complete audit trial of when it was received, processed and subsequently disposed of.


  • No hassle, we do it all from pick up to eventual disposal.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your data security is assured.
  • Each asset is inspected, graded and tracked for the entire time it is in our care.

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