We buy used IT equipment.

recycled computer equipment

If you have more than 3 used computers that you need to sell or dispose of, then let us help.

We have wholesale buyers waiting for your used IT equipment. We provide a simple way to dispose of your IT assets.

  1. We’ll take a look at your computers and grade them
  2. We’ll give you a fair market price, on the spot.
  3. We’ll then clear your hard drive, using industry leading software.

Free up space in your storage cupboard!

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Right now we are interested in…

Upto 3 year old Mac laptops and desktop computers

Mac Recycling

Upto 5 year old PC laptops and desktop computers.

Recycle your laptops

It really is simple….

No Hassle

We manage the entire process from pick up through to sale.


We erase your hard disk and provide certification

Best Pricing

We constantly monitor the market to get best prices globally for our customers.

Dispose the greener way

We also understand the importance of reducing landfill and reusing whatever we can, and that is why we try and reuse and resell whatever equipment we can to our international customers.

For the equipment that cannot be reused we have affiliated partners that are specialise in ewaste disposal and recycling.