Recycling computer equipment

What we do

We sell bulk used IT equipment to a network of buyers.

And we’re good at it.

In fact so good at it that we’re recognised as being one of the best in Australasia. New Zealand’s a small country on the world stage, so we reach out to the global marketplace, re-selling our inventory all over the world to ensure we get the best pricing for vendors.



We locate buyers locally and overseas



We negotiate the best possible prices on your behalf



We can make you an offer and buy your assets at fair market value



We pick, pack and ship to a buyer

How we do it

Believe it or not your used IT equipment may have some market value. As IT asset re-sellers our role is to find the market and then negotiate a fair deal. You bring the assets and we will provide the network of buyers!

We constantly look for new potential buyers – using trade links, staff and contacts overseas to find where the demand is and who is likely to offer the best prices.
We invite interest and offers from our network of IT dealers, and then negotiate to get the best possible deal.

Our history in the industry and the team’s experience gives us a unique insight into likely market values, and ensures we identify and target realistic, best return offers on stock.

We’ll negotiate the best possible selling price on a deal by deal basis, but this can take time.

Alternatively, we can make you an offer, buy your stock ourselves and then sell it on as our own. This gives you the quickest possible value recovery – money in your pocket straight away!

We pick, package and ship to ensure the buyer receives their goods as expediently and safely as possible.

We handle invoicing and payment processing to ensure you are paid out as quickly as possible.


  • You can be assured of achieving fair market value for your assets.
  • We handle the entire sales process from start to finish on your behalf, isolating you from hassle and complexities of overseas transactions and shipping.

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