recycled computer equipment Only 25 years ago we still put pen to paper and wrote a letter and mailed it. Then came the fax where we could send a copy of the information over a telephone line. Now we all use email and text messaging to communicate. Technology is forever changing and because of this we as individuals and companies are having to update our IT equipment on a regular basis. Updating equipment is great for the user but for the office manager or ‘IT guy’ it can become a headache. Not only do they have to find somewhere to store these computers, they also have to ensure that the data is securely removed from each device. Some businesses choose to do this in-house, but be careful…a report from Blannco stated that nearly 48 percent of second-hand hard drives contained data leftover from the previous user. YIKES!

So why should we recycle?

The answer to this question is fairly obvious – computer recycling reduces the volume of waste which ends up in our landfill sites or gets dumped illegally. It also cuts down on the amount of raw materials needed for the manufacture of new products. And it can benefit people and organisations that cannot afford to buy new IT equipment. There are numerous places that you can take your old computers and because they do this for a living they know how and where these computers can be recycled. If you are an individual that has a single computer then you could drop your computer off at one of these establishments and they’ll take care of the rest. If you are a company you may wish to think about contacting a reseller to collect your assets. Resellers usually deal with businesses rather than individuals as they are interested in recycling bulk assets. What they mean by this is more than 5 units. A reseller will review your assets, delete any data on the computers and then offer you a fixed price for your equipment or a rebate based on its market value when sold. It becomes a WIN-WIN situation as you not only get rid of your old IT equipment, but you have peace of mind that any data has been erased properly. And best of all you get some extra budget to play with. So, if you are looking to update your office computers or have a cupboard full of equipment less than 5 years old and in working order then we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at or call us on 0800 732 983